Luxman and Magico and AudioQuest | AXPONA 2023

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Here’s a great example of why AXPONA 2023 may have been the best-sounding high-end audio show ever. I’ve visited the Luxman and Magico room at many shows over the last few years, and it always sounds spectacular. I’m a gigantic fan of Luxman these days and I’ve been bugging them to send me more gear to review ever since I spent time with the memorable LX-380 integrated for The Occasional magazine. I also love AudioQuest cables and accessories and use them daily. Magico? That’s still an uncrossed frontier for me.

Words and Photos by Marc Phillips

What am I trying to say? I visited the Luxman and Magico room twice, and I had this conversation three different times with three different people: “Is it me, or is this their best room ever?” I felt the same thing while visiting Team Joseph Audio. This is what happens when venues and show organizers and exhibitors work well with each other.

luxman pd191a

There was a couple of aces in the hole in the Luxman and Magico room. First of all, Luxman was debuting their new flagship turntable, the PD-191A ($12,495), with the Luxman LMC-5 cartridge ($2,695). I asked the folks at Luxman if they teamed with someone to produce the company’s first cartridge, and I was told no–this is a Luxman cartridge from end to end. This analog rig offered a smooth, relaxed and composed sound that was uniquely Luxman–if you know what that means.

Another interesting product was the new D-07X digital player and transport ($9,995). For years I’ve been hearing that Luxman makes the best-sounding one-box CD players, and I’m always game to review any product that helps me listen to my huge CD collection. Finally, the system was hooked up with cables from the AudioQuest Mythical Creatures line. I’ve had both the Firebird and the Thunderbird XLRs in my system for months now and I don’t want to take them out.

luxman and magico

After visiting the Luxman and Magico room and once again complaining about review samples, I have to report that my quest is over. It’s one thing to arrange for shipment of heavy amplifiers or big speakers like the Magicos, but it’s quite another to say, “Hold on, I think we have an extra Luxman LCM-5 cartridge to AXPONA” and then just hand it to me. So yes, I have another Luxman and I’m very, very excited.

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