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Our latest PTA collaboration

Bronze Record Weight

Here at PTA, we see a lot of really cool audio gear accessories, but we really haven’t done too much “branded merch” outside of some (pretty awesome) T-shirts. So when our friends Fern/Roby suggested something rather different, we went for it … and then, we kinda dialed it up to 11.

You know. As you do.

Say hello to The Record Weight.

Why Bronze?

Bronze is a copper-alloy, and has been used for war (swords and shields) and worship (church bells and horns) for over 5,000 years due to its particular and peculiar properties.

Today, bronze is rare. Far more popular is simple copper or common brass, both of which are cheap, easy to work, and easy to source.

Bronze is fickle. Hard to make. Hard to work. Due to the high copper content, bronze will age, changing color, and patina in unexpected and unique ways. Each piece becomes its own unique thing. And when in the hands of master craftsmen, bronze can become heirloom objects of novelty, art, and quality. That’s why you’ll find bronze in the most unusual, most rare, and most exclusive watch brands today, like Tudor, Christopher Ward, Zelos, Glashütte, and Shinola.

In the world of hi-fi, you’ll find that bronze is used only by the very best and most elite brands. You’ll find bronze as a key differentiator in the flagship offerings from artisan loudspeaker companies Living Voice UK and DeVore Fidelity.

Does bronze “sound better” than other metals? We’ll let you be the judge. But it is unusual. It is beautiful. And each Weight will be unique — and that’s cool.

But the proof of the pudding is in the eating — or in this case, the holding. And once you’ve held one, we’re sure you’ll get it.

PTA Record Weight Collaboration

Because, in the hand, The Record Weight is massive. It weighs 800 grams and is machined from a solid bar of industrial bronze. The sides are gently and satisfyingly convex in order to make it easy to lift, hold, and place.

The bottom carries our logo, and the logo of our partner in this venture, Fern/Roby. You’ll also find a tiny hole has been carved out on that side — this is to perfectly counter-balance the logo on the top of The Record Weight — the PTA Roundel, our logo since the site’s founding back in 2009. Our logo also happens to sit on a raised disc — and yes, that disc is exactly the size of a 45rpm adapter! Just flip over The Record Weight on those old 45 records!

Now, the Record Weight is massive for a reason. As you know, wow and flutter in turntables can lead to odd and unpleasant sonic artifacts — as can record warp. A good weight can help counteract both by keeping your vinyl flat, your turntable mass-loaded, and your playback smooth. And no, this is not a clamp — there will be no delays, no threading, no fiddling with or possible damage to your spindle. Just place — and go.

The dimensions of The Record Weight are also on-purpose. Some tonearms feature some large and swanky head-shells (think those fantastic SPU-style ones from Ortofon!), and a large flat weight runs the risk of contact. The Weight is smaller than the record label for this very reason — the only contact here is with the vinyl!

We did extensive testing at AXPONA 2023 in Chicago, putting our weight up against the very best and most elite offerings in the market today, many of which are many times more expensive than The Record Weight. In every test, in every listening group, with every record, and in every system, The Record Weight was at least as good as most elite offerings you could buy — and in most cases, substantially better.

But don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself. The size and feel of this thing are impossible to appreciate until it is in the hand and on the turntable. We bet that you’ll have the same reaction that those AXPONA testers had — “Wow, this thing is incredible.” “It feels amazing.” “Never heard better.” “You could put a hole in a tank with this thing.”

For clarity, The Record Weight is not “a product” and PTA is not becoming a manufacturer. Like all our merch, we make a small profit off what we sell, but really, this is a special, limited edition, celebration of brand and identity. At PTA, we spend our days thinking of things you can do to make your audio system better, and The Record Weight is our completely shameless and totally self-serving play to get you thinking of us when you’re using your stereo. Happily for you, dear reader, it turned out so well that it is already a collector’s item. Seriously. This thing is amazing.

But when they’re gone, they’re gone.

More info: The PTA Solid Bronze Record Weight Store

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