Aurender AP20 and MC10 | Munich 2023

Aurender AP20 all-in-one Server-DAC-integrated amplifier

Two new offerings from Aurender were shown at Munich last week.

The first is the AP20. You can file this offering under “one-box wonder” — a combined server/streamer, DAC, and amplifier. Just need cables and a loudspeaker rig.

According to their website, the amps in the AP20 are Class D and rated at 200wpc into 8Ω (and 350 into 4Ω). For those in the know, these modules come by way of wizard Bruno Putzeys. Here, they’re matched up with a linear power supply and an R2R stepped attenuator analog volume control. The box also features the AKM4497 DAC chips, configured in dual mono, with support for PCM, DSD, and even MQA.

For a $22,000 system, it’s not odd to find Surender’s OXCO precision clocking on this unit, too, but it does include a master-clock input, should you want one (for use, say, with the new MC10). Digital outputs and analog pass-through inputs and variable-output XLR connections are also included (IMO, unnecessary, but I suppose you could use this box with some kind of outboard setup), as is a ¼” headphone jack. And because it’s Aurender, all the usual streaming services are available, as is local storage, and yes, there’s even a “double isolated” network jack.

Next up is the MC10, the Master Clock Generator. I believe this is priced at $16,000, which makes it the “baby” of the two master-clock systems available from Aurender. Why the “downgrade”? Well, aside from affordability/accessibility, it turns out it’s not — they were just able to simplify the system rather dramatically. From the product’s website:

In fact, MC10 delivers exactly the same essential performance and benefits as its predecessor but at a much more accessible price point. Aurender has achieved this by removing the dual OCXO word clock modules and associated interface technology, which only work effectively with an extremely limited number of DACs (dCS). In retaining the rubidium-module-based 10MHz master clock generator, power supply structure, and vibration mitigation, MC10 retains 100% of the applicable performance benefits of MC20 in the vast majority of product-pairing scenarios.

MC10 features 4 x 10 MHz master clock outputs, including 2 x 75Ω and 2 x 50Ω. This configuration of outputs pairs well with select DACs, word clocks, and Aurender models with a clock input (N20, N30SA, W20/SE, and AP20).

Both of these new products are currently order able from Aurender dealers world wide.

For your enjoyment, Ari Margolis of Aurender America sent me these photos from the Aurender room in Munich 2023.

Aurender AP20 and MC10 shown in Munich 20203

Aurender product line up shown in Munich 20203

Aurender AP20 and MC10 demo in Munich 2023

Aurender guts and glory on display at Munich 2023

What's in the box? Aurender AP20 internals discussed

Booting up the next generation. Demo of AP20 and MC10 in Munich 2023.

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