Kawero! | Munich 2023


Kawero! No, that’s not my punctuation mark, but part of the brand name. I first learned about this German speaker manufacturer at my first High End Munich show in 2019, where it was part of a mind-boggling Audio Note Kondo system that was the buzz of the show. I assumed Kawero! was a Japanese brand, just like Kondo, but it’s definitely German.

Words and Photos by Marc Phillips

At 2023 High End in Munich, the big Kawero! Grande speakers were separated from that memorable Audio Note Kondo system and placed in a very high-falootin’ system comprised of Ypsilon from Greece and a TechDAS Air Force One turntable from Japan. You’ve heard of systems that offer incredible soundstage depth? This system was physically deep and almost beckoned you to stand up, walk over and explore all those spaces.

munich 2023

The sound of the very swanky Kawero! system, however, was far from gimmicky when it came to imaging and soundstaging and frequency response. This was a supremely musical system that was so soothing and beautiful that I actually returned to it more than once–remarkable, since this was a very entertaining show when it came to exotic mega-systems that delivered the goods.


The sound of the Kawero! system was stunning and gorgeous and open and intoxicating. This is system to have when you’re under a lot of stress and you require rejuvenation. I’m going to steal Positive Feedbacks David Robinson’s concept of an audio oasis, a place to come to recharge before heading out into the storm of crowded hallways and endless queues.


As much as I was impressed with Kawero!, this triumvirate of manufacturers share the credit equally. Ypsilon, I believe, is one of the finest amplifier manufacturers in the world–they were part of Jeff Knox’s mind-blowing million dollar system I heard in Sydney back in 2015. I also want to point out that TechDAS turntables seemed to be the preferred analog rig for the big systems at Munich 2023. Every system that employed this impressive turntable was a success.

But Kawero!? These are big, fabulous speakers in many ways, and my second experience with them was endlessly enjoyable. I’m going to search them out every chance I get.


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