HiFi Highlights and Best Of Show | HIGHEND Munich 2023

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The HIGHEND Munich Show is a trip, both metaphorically and logistically. Our brave editor-in-chief Marc Phillips braved the 11 hour flight and accommodations with no AC to bring us the very best in HiFi from the global event.

Marc rejoins this week’s episode of The Occasional Podcast to give us all the big download from the German audio show held every non-pandemic year in May. Even as the show circuit landscape continues to evolve here in the US, Munich very much remains one of the biggest and buzz-worthy points of interest for new product releases and hot news items.

Episode 6 jumps into the fold with Marc’s overall impressions, a metric (it kind of has to be, when you think about) ton of new product announcements and some of his best-of-show sounds.

You can also, of course, check out all Marc’s written words and pretty pictures from HIGHEND Munich in our ongoing coverage on the site here.

The Occasional Podcast has launched into its 9th season with our educational series starting with 5 things to consider when buying a tube amplifier and How To Reduce Noise and Hum In Your System but you can also check out our interview with Andrew Jones, our Halloween Special and our interview with turntable reviewer Michael Fremer from last season.

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