The Beauty of Luxman | Munich 2023

beauty of luxman

It was at this year’s AXPONA, in the Luxman and Magico room, when I finally realized I’d had it with my spotty, inconsistent camera work and I decided to buy something that would help get through the tricky, light-starved world of the high-end audio show exhibit room madness. I’d been talking up the new flagship turntable from Luxman, the PD-191a, and when I finally get face to face with the glorious PD-191a, I choked. Man, I loved that room, and I hated my photographs from it. So I bought a Leica D-Lux 7 and that’s why I seem to have finally captured the beauty of Luxman–seemingly for the very first time.

Words and Photos by Marc Phillips

That’s why my photography–I hope–has jumped to the next level. With all the varying light in high-end show exhibit rooms, I needed something to up my game. So when I first looked at these Luxman shots from Munich 2023, I grinned from ear to ear.

beauty of luxman

The beauty of Luxman is something to behold in the world of high-end audio. It’s one thing that this legendary Japanese company is, after many decades in hi-fi, producing some of the most amazing products you’ll hear. But I’ve always loved the timeless look of Luxman, and how it gleams like no other. For example, I think their flagship CL-1000 preamplifier ($20,000) is THE most gorgeous preamp out there. It’s not flashy, either–it’s opulent yet tasteful and reserved.

focal utopia

But let’s get back to the PD-191a turntable and the new Luxman LMC-5 cartridge ($2,695), which I currently have mounted on my Pear Audio Blue Kid Howard turntable back at my house. For me, the epitome of the beauty of Luxman is those old PD-444 turntables with those mighty double-wide plinths. While the PD-191a is gorgeous in its own way, I’d love to see Luxman build a new ‘table using that panoramic plinth.

munich 2023

But how about the beauty of Luxman in regards to sound? With Focal Utopia speakers, the Luxman system reminded me of why I dig this brand so much. Luxman has a knack for connecting with its past while making a serious push for finest gear you can purchase in 2023. I’ll find out soon enough with this LMC-5 cartridge, but for now I’ll merely say that I respect Luxman so much that I bought a friggin’ Leica.



the beauty of luxman

beauty of luxman

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