Turntable Interlude | Munich 2023

turntable interlude

We’re halfway through the Munich 2023 coverage, more or less, so I figured it’s a good time to feature a turntable interlude. This is one reason why the Munich show is so spectacular, because you can see just about every turntable manufactured in the world in one place.

Words and Photos by Marc Phillips

We’ll start off with the new Thorens Reference, pictured above. Yes, it’s a new version of one of the most desirable big ‘tables of all time. Many of our industry’s most famous personalities took their photograph while hugging this beast.


This Thorens, a special anniversary edition of the TD-124 DD turntable we first saw last year, is probably more my style. It’s probably closer to my budget, too. Look at that copper.

turntable interlude

Here’s the big Nagra turntable that was debuted here last year in Munich. A year ago, it was $175,000. This year it’s $200,000. Sure, you can buy a hell of a turntable for $25K, but there’s a vocal contingent in audio that champions this Swiss ‘table as the current King of the Mountain.

turntable interlude

“I’m interested in the big ‘table from Acoustical Systems.”

acoustical systems

“No, the BIG one. The REALLY BIG one!!”

turntable interlude

“Yeah, that’s it. Just throw it in the trunk.”

the wand

The Wand 14.4 turntable, with two arms mounted, in the DeVore Fidelity room.


A big Kuzma ‘table with the new Safir arm in the Living Voice room.

turntable interlude

I don’t know how you feel about this color for a turntable, but I walked all the way across the MOC to get a closer look at this model from EAT.

stst turntables

When I first looked at this image of the two STST turntables with Schroder tonearms in the Soundsmith room, I fell in love with my new camera. I knew this photo had to be included in my turntable interlude.

turntable interlude

If you read my report on the Luxman room, you know how happy I was to take these photos of the new PD-191A turntable. My photos at AXPONA 2023 were garbage.

brinkmann taurus

Yep, that’s the Brinkmann Taurus turntable that I reviewed a year or so ago. I still think that’s the finest turntable I’ve hosted in my system.

turntable interlude

Next on the turntable interlude we have an Acoustic Signature turntable with a Hana Umami Red cartridge. This is a noteworthy ‘table because it was in the Von Schweikert and VAC room, and I’ve gotten used to seeing their big Kronos ‘table instead.

audio note kondo

This is an Audio Note Kondo turntable. It is very expensive, but if you see it up close you’ll understand where every penny was spent.


TechDAS made a huge showing at Munich 2023–it was perhaps the most popular ‘table for room shares at the show. It’s also a perfect candidate for the turntable interlude because it’s so crazy/beautiful.

thomas schick

Here’s another stellar pick for this turntable interlude–the Thomas Schick Liebenthal turntable from the Silbatone room. I love the minimalism of the Schick tonearms, and now there’s a Schick turntable that makes perfect sense.

turntable interlude

Say it with me…Yukiseimitsu. I had to say it a dozen times before I felt comfortable writing this name down. But here’s another minimalist turntable that really makes me giddy. Word is these turntables will be in the US very soon.


I showed you this amazing turntable from Tentogra already, but for the turntable interlude I wanted to show you the other models from this Polish company.

turntable interlude

I love the shape of this Tentogra, but am I really a gold kind of guy?


There you go. This Tentogra is much more to my liking. Wrap it up.

rega naia

I took it on the chin when I incorrectly identified this Rega as the very rare and expensive Naiad, which retails for somewhere around 30-40,000 euros. Nope, this is the deceptively named Naia, which is why I made the mistake Mr. Gandy. Still, this ‘table fits an interesting gap in the line-up with a price around 10,000 euros.

turntable interlude

Another TechDAS turntable. These look really cool, which is another reason to include them in the turntable interlude.


This Burmester turntable, in the YG Acoustics room, is gorgeous. After reviewing the Burmester B18 speakers and the 101 integrated amplifier, I’m really loving this design aesthetic.

fyne audio

Speaking of Rega P10s, here’s one in the Fyne Audio room. Those Scots know all the best audio accessories for vinyl, don’t they. This is not an uncommon ‘table in the states, but it’s included in the turntable interlude because I still get goosebumps when I see one in the flesh.

turntable interlude

This Transformer turntable was pulling service in the Harbeth room, and once again I liked the minimalist style. Don’t know this brand, though.

mofi turntables

MoFi ‘tables anyone? I have yet to hear one, even though I know two people who own one. The good news is that these are new addition to the line, and maybe I’ll get one of these for review if I can.

turntable interlude

Here’s the final few images for the turntable interlude. There were a lot of turntables in the Transrotor room off the main Atrium level at the MOC. I saw so many different models that I wonder how many turntables Transrotor actually makes. There’s this one…


…and this one, which is a little fancier…

turntable interlude

…and these ones, which are a little more affordable…

turntable interlude

…and I think I made my point.

Hope you enjoyed this turntable interlude. Maybe I’ll start doing this at every show! And now, back to the second half of PTA’s coverage of Munich 2023.

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