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Børresen m6

After reading all this coverage about High End 2023 in Munich, you might be wondering about my friends at Audio Group Denmark and what they had in store for the high-end audio industry. At AXPONA 2023 last month they won my Best Sound at Show award for their stunning Børresen M3 towers, which retail for $280K per pair. I also mentioned that Audio Group Denmark was also planning an even bigger flagship speaker, the Børresen M6. Just one month later, the Børresen M6 made its debut in Germany.

Words and Photos by Marc Phillips

There was only one catch. The Børresen M6 was on static display, which suggests it’s still in prototype form, but show attendees were still able to walk up and see it, touch it and maybe even hug it. Or, in my case, you can get designer and Audio Group Denmark co-founder Michael Børresen to pose with it.

audio group denmark

I did get a rough estimate on the price of the Børresen M6, and it’s an astounding yet totally expected $550K per pair USD. I covered this company, which includes Børresen speakers and Aavik electronics and Ansuz cables and accessories and a new entry level line called Axxess, over much of last year. If you read that coverage, you know why the costs are so high–this company is developing its own technologies at a rapid pace, and some of it involves very expensive materials that also reduce inductance and control noise like nothing else.

So if you’re going to freak out about a $550,000 pair of speakers like the Børresen M6, you should take a closer look at Axxess and find out how that tech has trickled down into their surprisingly affordable products–which still sound amazing.

Børresen m6

Audio Group Denmark continues to develop new products at a breakneck pace, so much so that it’s been suggested that I take another trip to Aalborg early next year for a follow-up. The Axxess line is growing in leaps and bounds, with three models of Forte amp/DAC/streamers now available. The affordable M line from Børresen is also making an impact on the affordable side of the speaker line. I also joked about the Børresen M6–by the time I visit again, will there be a Børresen M9? A Børresen M12? A Børresen M54?

Why not? It’s clear that Audio Group Denmark can accomplish this, and there are also perfectionist audiophiles who are waiting to buy it. Perhaps the next time I see my Danish buddies–Pacific Audio Fest? Capital Audiofest?–I’ll be able to sit down with the Børresen M6 and get properly wow’d. Who knows what else they’ll have by then?

Børresen m6




borresen m6

If you would like to hear even more coverage from Munich 2023, check out our recap report and highlights from our audiophile-oriented show The Occasional Podcast. You can stream the episode direct from the embed below, or from your favorite podcast platform including iTunes, Android, Google, Deezer, Spotify, iHeartRadio and more.

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  1. Dear Mr. Philips,

    I’ve never heard the Borresen line, but was impressed by many of the Raidho offerings, which I believe M Borresen designed back in the day (given how similar they look aesthetically, I would be interested to know how similar the models Borresen/Raidho sound). At over half a million/pair, the M6s SHOULD sound amazing!

    However, just yesterday you had observed that while “the Tidal for Bugatti Royale system will cost you around $450k complete […] I saw many loudspeakers in Munich that cost more than that alone,” which (if I take your meaning correctly) don’t/wont approach their performance. So my question to you would be: Given this, would an audiophile with half a million to spend be likely be better off with the M6s or the Tidal Royal (and keeping $100k in their pocket, not to mention all the $$$ saved on a stack of Aavik/Ansus needed to run a cable them)? Based on what you said about the Royal, it seems it would put to shame a similarly-priced M3-based system + Aavik/Ansus electronics and cable.

    I know that, for the M6s, it’s just conjecture at this point, since you’ve not had a chance to listen to them yet. But conjecture is fun….

    • I thought the same thing. The Borresen M6s are, based on my experience with the M line, the only speakers I saw in Munich that could give the TIDAL for Bugatti system a run for its money. But until I hear them, whenever that is, I won’t make a guess.

      • Fair enough. I look forward to reading your further thoughts as you continue your journey through the high end….

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