AudioQuest and GoldenEar | Munich 2023

audioquest and goldenear

This is the first time I’ve visited the AudioQuest and GoldenEar rooms at an audio show and had Bill Low come and sit next to me and discuss what we were hearing. I’ve known Bill for a few years, ever since he walked into Tenacious Sound in Syracuse a few years ago and struck up a conversation with me, but we mostly talk about other things. But I’ve been digging deep into the GoldenEar philosophy ever since I reviewed the GoldenEar BRXs a while back. We had some hi-fi to discuss.

Words and Photos by Marc Phillips

When I say I’m digging deep into AudioQuest and GoldenEar, I mean deep. First of all, I’ve spent the last year or more getting a handle on all the different AudioQuest XLR interconnects–which has taken a long time because i want to get it right. I still have the GoldenEar BRXs as well, along with the GoldenEar Super Sub X and Forcefield 30 subwoofers because once I heard the BRX with a sub, I once again had to reconsider what these intriguing monitors are all about. That review has been troublesome, thanks to a steady stream of angry notes from my neighbors. That’s why I’m moving to the middle of nowhere this summer.

aq seminar

The big AudioQuest room with Rockport speakers was typically fantastic–AQ has a habit of putting their all into the entire system in their exhibit rooms so that you can hear everything that the cables are doing (or, more importantly, not doing). But it was the smaller AudioQuest and GoldenEar room that really captured my attention thanks to a new and very slim pair of GoldenEar Triton T66s, which have powered bass. They start at just $6,900/pair.

audioquest and goldenear

In a simple system with an Auralic digital source and an Aesthetix Mimas integrated, this AudioQuest and GoldenEar room was quite a surprise. Bass was deep and powerful, tonality was superb and lifelike, and there was plenty of air and space. Even Bill seemed pleased with how well the system sounded–it surpassed both our expectations in many ways.

If I can ever finish up my dissertation on AudioQuest and GoldenEar for PTA, I’d love to spend more time with the T66. It’s not as enigmatic as the “chameleonic” BRX–it’s just a really superb speaker at a really nice price.

munich 2023


audioquest and goldenear


munich 2023

If you would like to hear even more coverage from Munich 2023, check out our recap report and highlights from our audiophile-oriented show The Occasional Podcast. You can stream the episode direct from the embed below, or from your favorite podcast platform including iTunes, Android, Google, Deezer, Spotify, iHeartRadio and more.

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  1. I use and like Audioquest interconnects and Blue Jeans speaker cables. When I sought Roon support however, some of the support people made me feel like an idiot for using them. I got a comment like ~kids, don’t let your parents drink and shop. Now I am banned from using Roon support. Great

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