MoFi Sourcepoint 8 | Munich 2023

mofi sourcepoint 8

After several attempts at various high-end audio shows, I’ve finally been able to sit down and listen to Andrew Jones’ Sourcepoint speakers for MoFi Electronics. The first time I went into the MoFi room, it was simply too crowded. The second time, Andrew Jones was answering questions from the crowd about his intriguing monitors with concentric drivers and I finally bailed when one audiophile asked to know the exact dimensions of the cabinet. (I could see the look in Jones’ eyes–“why exactly do you need to know that, sir?”) But I can now say that I’ve heard the MoFi Sourcepoint 8 speakers and it was well worth the wait.

Words and Photos by Marc Phillips

Wait, did I say the MoFi Sourcepoint 8? What about the first model, the Sourcepoint 10? Well, it was in the room at Munich 2023 as well, waiting its turn. But the new MoFi Sourcepoint 8 looks identical to its bigger brother, just smaller.

munich 2023

The MoFi Sourcepoint 8, which retails for $2,999/pr USD, features a smaller 8-inch driver mated with a 1.25″ dome tweeter. (If it looks like my camera couldn’t quite flesh out the details on the front baffle, my eyes couldn’t either–that is just the seamlessness of the design.) The Sourcepoint 8 is designed to fit into smaller spaces than the 10 while providing the same amazing impact in terms of dynamics and bass.

ds audio

In a system comprised of two MasterDeck turntables from MoFi, one armed with the ubiquitous DS Audio optical cartridge, the MoFi Sourcepoint * simply did the big-sound-from-a-little-speaker thang like few others can–especially at this very attractive price. Within a minute or two, I quickly realized why Andrew Jones is so respected in this industry and why everything he makes is automatically desired by budget-conscious audiophiles. The sound of the MoFi Sourcepoint 8 went far beyond its “bang for the buck” descriptors and provided a refined and balanced sound that should appeal to the tastes of even the fussiest of audiophiles.

mobile fidelity distribution

I did walk out of this room with one regret. I still haven’t heard the Sourcepoint 10. I could’ve circled back to the room after they made a swap with the MoFi Sourcepoint 8, but Munich 2023 was just too big and too sprawling for me to keep that promise. But now that I’ve heard what Andrew Jones has accomplished with these superb monitors, I’ll make it a priority at the next show.

munich 2023

mofi sourcepoint 8

mofi sourcepoint 8

mofi sourcepoint 8 and 10

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