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How good was Nordost in Munich? While I was in the middle of a listening session in the Nordost room, with Wilson Audio, Dan D’Agostino and dCS (which sounds like Mohammed Samji‘s system at home), I was approached by the exhibitors and I was told they were leaving. My first thought was why? You’re going to close an exhibit room in the middle of the day? That’s when I looked at my watch and discovered it was 6pm and Munich 2023 was over for the day.

Words and Photos by Marc Phillips

Yes, that’s a matter-of-fact way of reiterating that old audiophile trope of losing track of the time because the music just sounds so friggin’ good. But I was also thinking of Nordost in Munich and AXPONA, and how I agreed to review some of their latest grounding and noise suppression devices. Nordost, after all, introduced me to the idea that grounding has become important again due to all the wireless digital technologies audiophiles are embracing–that was back when I reviewed the QKORE products. Nordost has been developing new products at a quick pace since this market segment is getting quite competitive, and it’s time to experience this approach again now that I have had more seat time.

nordost in munich

These new products from Nordost in Munich have settled into two new lines. The QRT Audio Enhancers address grounding, power conditioning, data transfer optimization and the reduction of electromechanical resonances. QRT includes the QBASE, the QRT Plug-Ins, QKORE, QLINE and more. The other line is Sort Systems for resonance control. This includes the Sort Füt, the Sort Kones and the Sort Lifts. Both lines were well represented in the system.

nordost in munich

Most of these devices were also present in the VTL and Wilson room that I enjoyed so much. That made me think about why these mainstream high-end audio brands such as Wilson and D’Agostino and dCS have suddenly become so alluring to my normally quirky ears. At first I thought it was VTL amps, and it still might be. But I know that Nordost is the common denominator in all these systems I’ve been enjoying. Nordost in Munich hit it out of the park, as far as I’m concerned. Can’t wait for this gear to arrive at my house!

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nordost in munich

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If you would like to hear even more coverage from Munich 2023, such as Nordost in Munich, check out our recap report and highlights from our audiophile-oriented show The Occasional Podcast. You can stream the episode direct from the embed below, or from your favorite podcast platform including iTunes, Android, Google, Deezer, Spotify, iHeartRadio and more.

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