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Steve Guttenberg and Herb Reichert

When it comes to audio writers that help bring new enthusiasts into the fold of HiFi, there are perhaps no influencers bigger than Steve Guttenberg and Herb Reichert. Steve’s success on CNET and written publications has led to a massive following on YouTube, and Herb’s accessibility on Stereophile’s platform with entry level and personal audio makes these two contributors true beacons for people joining the hobby.

HiFi isn’t always known for being the most inviting of retail therapy. But there are a few writers out there that help corral a few huddle masses yearning to listen. On this week’s The Occasional Podcast, we join up with both Steve and Herb to discuss some of their recent successes, art, creativity and even some celebrity encounters. If you haven’t heard of either of these audiophile staples, it’s a great chance to get to know some of the thinking behind the way they write, review and produce content.

You can check out steve’s 230k plus subscriber YouTube Channel here, and Herb’s writing on Stereophile here.

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