T.H.E. Show Day 2 | THE SHOW 2023

The Show 2023 Day 2

Not to worry fine readers, the second drive down to The Home Entertainment Show in Costa Mesa wasn’t nearly as long as the first. It was actually, a full 50% shorter in terms of drive time. But the general air of malaise from living in a congested city isn’t the reason you tuned into the site today. We have captured the sights for the sounds of the Los Angeles show over the weekend in another round of images for your eyeballs to enjoy.

Words and Photos by Brian Hunter 

I will say that from a preliminary glance, The Show 2023 Day 2 was far more attended than even the event organizers might have predicted. Show programs ended up running out about halfway through Saturday, and lines formed during registration that wrapped around the lobby like an audiophile snake stalking its prey.

We managed to run into a great many friends and colleagues tracing our steps through the listening rooms which took up two floors in the basement, one on the main floor and two in the towers. The big rooms downstairs continued to wow with the flashy big setups, and there were even a few nice surprises from more minimalist options featured on the second floor. Schiit Audio also provided some unexpected technology their new Syn surround sound device (which takes two channels of audio and converts it to 5.1) with very interesting results. The LA/Texas brand is traditionally known to scoff at audiophile convention, and surround sound at an audio show is probably one of the best ways to do that. Sub maker SVS also came with  a surround system in tow, and what has become a tradition of sorts, was hosted at the far end of a hallway with SPL levels that are sure to delight any home theater enthusiast.

The Show 2023 Day 2

If we are to mention things about surprising bass, aside from the usual SVS boom-boom-shake-the-room, Audio Note also managed to impress with its bass control from the two-way-design-tucked-in-a-corner. While rummaging through the room, I was greeted by some impressive electronic music that had me guessing where the subwoofer was hidden (I know it’s a show writer’s cliche, but true in this case). It was a fine representation from all brands on The Show 2023 Day 2.

Day 3 is on the way – in addition to our wrap up THE SHOW 2023 podcast due out early next week. We will also be posting video content of room coverage on our Facebook Reels page and brand new TikTok feed.

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