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borresen m6 loudspeakers

At the 2023 Pacific Audio Fest, I was asked this question by more than one person: “Haven’t you already heard the Børresen M6 Loudspeakers? In Munich?” No, the $550K/pr M6s were on static display in Germany. I’ve heard the $280K/pr Børresen M3s twice now–the first time was at AXPONA 2023 in April, where I awarded them Best Sound at Show. Then I heard them again at Munich.

Words and Photos by Marc Phillips

The M3s are the kind of speakers that make you wonder if it can get any better than this. The Børresen M6 loudspeakers say, in true Lars Kristensen style, “Yes, it can!”

audio group denmark

Before I talk about the Børresen M6 loudspeakers and how they sounded, I wanted give a quick rundown of the system:

1 Børresen M6 Loudspeakers, Pair $ 550,000.00
1 Aavik C-880 $ 70,000.00
1 Aavik P-880 $ 70,000.00
1 Aavik D-580 $ 25,200.00
1 Aavik S-580 $ 25,200.00
1 Ansuz Gold SignatureMainz8 Power Distributor $ 64,000.00
1 Ansuz Gold SignaturePowerSwitch $ 23,000.00
1 Ansuz Gold SignaturePowerBox DC power for active cables $ 23,000.00
8 Ansuz Gold SignatureMainz Power Cables $ 68,000.00
1 Ansuz Gold SignatureDigitalz BNC $ 27,000.00
2 Ansuz Gold SignatureDigitalz LAN Cables $ 12,400.00
2 Ansuz Gold SignatureSignalz Analog Cables, Pair $ 51,000.00
1 Ansuz Gold SignatureSpeaker Cables, Pair 5Meter $ 162,000.00
2 Ansuz 3-shelf Titanium Racks $ 53,100.00
20 Ansuz Z2S Darkz Resonance Control $ 4,000.00
10 Ansuz T2S Darkz Cable Lifters Resonance Control $ 1,700.00
13 Ansuz Signature Sortz RF Noise Control RCA, BNC $ 1,600.00
5 Ansuz Signature Sortz RF Noise Control USB, LAN $ 2,100.00

Have you added it all up? I came up with $1,944,700. I’m not bringing this up because I’m impressed or disgusted with the out-of-control prices of high-end audio–the ESD Acoustic system I heard in Munich was far more expensive. But I do want to make a point about Audio Group Denmark and their never-ending quest to push the performance envelope with the amazing Børresen M6 loudspeakers.

borresen m6

Before I make my point, I’ll answer that question about the sound of the Børresen M6 loudspeakers. As I mentioned, I was so impressed with the Børresen M3s back at AXPONA that I commented those speakers took me further down the road to perfect audio reproduction than ever before. Listening to the Børresen M6 loudspeakers, in pretty much the same system, I felt like someone walked up to the back wall and kicked it down like a cheap backdrop on a movie set. The tonality was very close between the M3 and the M6, but everything became much larger while still preserving the exact size of the performers.

aavik and ansuz

Okay, here’s the point about the Børresen M6 loudspeaker and the nearly $2 million system. If you scroll down to the last three photographs, you’ll see the second system in the room featuring Audio Group Denmark’s new line, Axxess. This is entry level gear for the company–the Børresen X3 speakers are just $11,000/pr, and the Forte 3 integrated amplifier/DAC/streamer is also $11,000. If that’s too much, you can move down to the Forte 1 for just $5,500.

And this system kicked ass as well. I think these people are geniuses for taking hi-fi to the extreme and then doubling back to provide these technologies for those who can’t afford $1,944,700. So to all of you who constantly complain about the so-called skyrocketing prices of high-end audio, this is what it’s really about. We have Audio Group Denmark to thank for pushing that performance envelope to new levels while ensuring all of us get to enjoy the results down the road.

audio group denmark


borresen m6 loudspeakers


borresen m6 loudspeakers



  1. Hey Mark. Was awesome meeting you and enjoying a few cigars along the way. Like you, I am amazed at the product offerings of AGD. That Forte/X3 system is hard to beat. Unbelievable value imho.

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