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Part-Time Audiophile has been testing out the beautiful and substantial isolation footers from Carbide Audio for the last few weeks, and we’ve found them very effective at controlling vibration under all sorts of components–including speakers. Now, the company is debuting their new Carbide Base Diamond audio footer.

These are quite interesting isolation devices. Inside, the company’s ViscoRing is fitted according to the weight of the component on top–a set of four can support up to 140 lbs., which makes them suitable for a wide range of loudspeakers. Screws and spikes for are also included for a more secure installation. The cost for each Carbide Base is $299-599, and the Diamond Upgrade costs an additional $329 per device.

Here’s the official press release:

Carbide Audio Introduces Carbide Base Diamond Audio Footer

August, 2023 – Carbide Audio introduces the Carbide Base Diamond audio equipment footer.
This ambitious new vibration isolator is the first in audio to use bearing raceways machined out
of solid ceramic and coated with diamond using a Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) process.
The extremely hard bearing raceways resist indentation from the ball bearings better than other
previous designs that use softer materials like steel and titanium. Avoiding raceway indentation
defects allows the bearings to better dissipate stray vibrations via the concept of vibration
transmission path evasion.

Carbide Base Diamond also incorporates Carbide Audio’s new TwinDamp™ material based on
a manganese-copper twin-crystal metal alloy having over 10 times the damping capacity of
copper. TwinDamp™ enhances the damping properties of manganese-copper through multiple
stages of temperature treatments.

Collectively, these upgrades result in further lowering of the already exceptionally low noise floor
of the Carbide Base footer. Carbide Base Diamond is available now directly here, or internationally from our network of distributors. A Diamond Upgrade Kit is also available which can be used to convert the standard version of Carbide Base to the Diamond version.


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