Gryphon EOS 5 Loudspeakers Debut in Hong Kong | Announcements

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At PTA, we’ve been eagerly awaiting a chance to review the Gryphon Audio Design EOS 2 loudspeakers that were demonstrated at the Munich show last May. Now, the Danish company has just debuted the Gryphon EOS 5 at the recent Hong Kong show.

Here’s the press release on the new Gryphon EOS 5:

gryphon eos 5

Woodcliff Lake, NJ, 16 August 2023: Gryphon Audio Designs ApS, designer and manufacturer of Ultra-Luxe Audio Systems, introduced its EOS 5 Tower Loudspeaker on 11 August at HKAV (Hong Kong Audio Video) 2023.

Building upon technologies pioneered for Gryphon’s revolutionary EOS 2, the larger EOS 5 adds Full Frequency Range performance (20-40,000 Hz, +2 dB) and shattering dynamic capability. All four drivers are bespoke to EOS 5: the 6.5” Midrange and dual 9.5” drivers utilizing the TPCD™ (Thin-Ply Carbon Fiber Diaphragm) cone construction and Impulse Optimizer Rings which first appeared in EOS 2. As with EOS 2, the cones are manufactured by one of the world’s leading fabricators of Formula 1 components while a smaller (29mm) Beryllium Dome Tweeter has been purpose-engineered for EOS 5’s higher crossover point.

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Engineered to present an easy amplifier load, 90 dB sensitivity is coupled with a 4 Ohm nominal, 2.9 Ohm minimum impedance.

Visually, EOS 5 shares the faceted, jewel-like enclosure aesthetic created for its smaller sibling. Internally, however, the Line-Dampened porting system offers a unique solution to smoothing airflow in this larger, wider-bandwidth loudspeaker. Like the EOS 2, the new EOS 5 benefits from two design flourishes which enhance placement versatility across a broader range of listening environments. A three-position Tweeter Level Switch offers 0dB, +2dB or +3dB boost to optimize off-axis dispersion in the greatest variety of domestic spaces and seating arrangements. Once again, Gryphon’s custom-manufactured adjustable spikes are equipped with removeable, integrated dampers to provide the most stable speaker positioning on flooring either with or without carpeting.

gryphon eos 5

The trio of colors—Soul Red Crystal, High Gloss Black and Stealth Grey—selected for EOS 2 are joined by a remarkable new finish: “S-Mat Black.” A next-generation, matte black paint used here for the first time in loudspeaker manufacture, S-Mat Black features a “Self-Healing” chemistry which, in the event of small scratches, can actually be repaired with the help of a piece of parchment baking paper and an iron used at low heat, which encourage the paint to re-flow and regain its normal, unblemished surface.

The new EOS 5 will be available in early 2024 with an MSRP of 42.800 EUR ($49.800 US


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Mobile: 201-264-7217

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