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Reel Sound Distribution, who represents Metaxas & Sins in the US, has just announced they are going on the road with the complete line from Kostas Metaxas. If you haven’t seen Metaxas & Sins gear–known as the “Sculpture Collection”–in person, you owe it to yourself to attend!

Reel Sound Distribution Takes Reel-to-Reel on the Road

Exclusive opportunities to experience the alluring sound of reel-to-reel tape and appreciate the exquisite design and engineering of Metaxas & Sins.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL—September 2023—In cooperation with leading specialty-audio retailers throughout the US, Florida-based Reel Sound Distribution Inc., importer of the stunning line of audio sculptures from Metaxas & Sins, is pleased to announce a series of consumer events for the North American debut of the Metaxas & Sins Audio Sculpture Collection.

Reel Sound President Jeff Garshon will lead each event, presenting a brief history of Metaxas & Sins, followed by demonstration and discussion of the featured product, the award-winning Tourbillon T-RX reel-to-reel player, a
listening session with popular music, and a special recording prepared by Kostas Metaxas, founder of Metaxas & Sins as well as a celebrated recording engineer and world-renowned audio designer.

Space is limited, and event times vary with the hosting venue. For more information, please contact the venue of choice, or e-mail Reel Sound Distribution at

September 23: Galen Carol Audio, San Antonio, Texas (RSVP required)
September 28: Innovative Audio, New York, New York (invitation only)
October 6: LMC Home Entertainment, Scottsdale, Arizona (invitation only)

These sessions will focus on Metaxas & Sins’ T-RX reel-to-reel player. Now, however, for the first time ever, all models in the company’s Audio Sculpture Collection are distributed in North America:

    •  Loudspeakers: Diva, Siren, Grand Damme
    •  Amplifiers and preamplifiers: Ikarus, Solitaire, Opus, Soliloquy
    •  Turntable and Tonearm: Perambulator and Combobulator
    •  Reel-to-reel tape recorders: Papillon, Tourbillon T-RX
    •  Headphone amplifier: Ethereal (coming soon)

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About Reel Sound Distribution

Florida-based Reel Sound Distribution Inc., the exclusive North American distributor for Metaxas & Sins, is led by Jeff Garshon, a musician, producer, and lifelong music collector with over 20 years of experience in audio/video system
design and sales. In Reel Sound Distribution, Garshon blends his passion for music with his entrepreneurial expertise to bring to North America the world’s finest music-reproduction equipment. Reel Sound Distribution is actively building its retail network of select Gallery Partners. Consumers interested in learning about purchase options and more should visit