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dr. vinyl and mcgary

When we visited Dr. Vinyl in his Baltimore-area dealership earlier this year, we were able to get a sneak listen to a couple of new products from McGary Audio: the SPA1 tube preamplifier and the MA1 monoblock tube power amplifiers. Now, Dr. Vinyl and McGary Audio are teaming up for a very special dealer event on October 14, 2023.

At Part-Time Audiophile we’ve been big fans of Mike McGary’s tube amplifier designs, which combine that gorgeous sound of vacuum tubes with a modern attitude. You can read our McGary Audio reviews here:

McGary Audio SA-1E power amplifier by Dave McNair

McGary Audio SA-2 power amplifier by John Richardson

McGary Audio SA-1 power amplifier by John Richardson

Here’s the official press release on the Dr. Vinyl and McGary Audio event:


October 14th, Location-Dr Vinyl (Middle River, MD):

Dr. Vinyl and McGary Audio invite you to a listening session to hear the amazing new McGary Audio MA1 mono block vacuum tube amps, and the SPA1 tube preamplifier. The 70-watt mono block amps are the latest evolution in the McGary Audio lineup utilizing Lundahl transformers, polypropylene capacitor power supply, and ultralinear low feedback design.

These amps utilize vacuum tubes ranging from KT88 to KT170, and come with a lifetime warranty. Only 10 customers will own a pair of these personally hand built limited production amplifiers priced at $25,000 (pair)…so come hear them now before it’s too late!

Additionally, the SPA1 preamplifier will be auditioned. The purist design encompasses a unique large reservoir power supply, precision ELMA switches and remoted controlled volume/step attenuator, and a modified mu follower vacuum tube gain stage creating a very seductive musical sounding experience. The SPA1 comes with a lifetime warranty and priced at $12,000.00.

For more information, please visit the Dr. Vinyl website, or call the Doctor at 844-378-4695.

dr. vinyl and mcgary


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