October 19, 2021
  • Components

    McGary Audio SA-1E Amplifier | REVIEW

    The story of the McGary Audio SA-1E power amplifier starts with a somewhat chance meeting. Knowing of my obsession with all things vinyl, Mark Sossa of Well Pleased AV informed me that I should meet [...]
  • Analog

    ModWright PH 9.0X Phono Stage | Follow-Up

    Shortly after my review of the ModWright PH 9.0 phonostage (linked here), Dan Wright reached out to inform me of a new upgraded model (ModWright PH 9.0X) and asked if I’d like to listen to [...]
  • Occasional Podcast

    How Records Are Made | The Occasional Podcast

    Vinyl pressings are a complicated thing to create. It is a much more intricate process compared the simplicity of the digital copy that has come to dominate the market (although digital resolution and streaming have [...]
  • Loudspeakers

    Qln Prestige Five Loudspeaker | REVIEW

    Qln Prestige Five: They’ve Done It Again As I listened to the latest offering from the Swedish speaker manufacturer—the Qln Prestige Five, or P5 for short—I struggled a bit thinking about how to describe their [...]

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