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Holo Audio May KTE DAC | REVIEW

by Grover Neville in Digital 0

The Holo Audio May family of DACs may be unfamiliar to those of you unacquainted with headphones, but the Holo Audio (website) brand indeed has a long history and excellent reputation, and not merely in [...]
  • Munich 2022

    Turntables in Munich | High End 2022

    There were a lot of turntables in Munich. A lot. The High End shows in Munich aren’t like other high-end audio shows in the world, because they’re not just assembling audio systems that will seduce [...]
  • Munich 2022

    High End 2022

    As I write this, High End 2022 in Munich has just ended. I originally intended to start coverage today, but there’s a small problem. I have to get home first. From a high-end audio show [...]
  • Munich 2022

    Return to Munich | High End 2022

    I didn’t think there was going to be a “Return to Munich.” Back in 2019, I was able to attend the largest high-end audio show in the world, High End in Munich, and it was [...]

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TIDAL Arkas Music Streamer

Brace yourselves! From TIDAL Audio (the makers of ultimate audio systems since year 1999, not the streaming service), known across the industry as the Bugatti of high-end audio, literally – have you seen the speakers […]

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