This is a “web-based magazine” (aka, an “e-zine”) dedicated to the audio roadshow. There are quite a lot of them — CES, AXPONA, High End in Munich, T.H.E. Show at Newport, Capital Audiofest, California Audio Show, Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, TAVES, and a lot more. And then there are the dealers, special events, and the trips out of the man-cave that mark audio’s presence in the world at large. All of this stuff is in bounds!

Who we are

You can read about “us” over on the Contributors page. In short, we’re an odd collection of writers touring audio’s high-end. No manufacturers, no PR flacks, no paid enthusiasts — and none of us “do writing” as our sole way of earning a living.

Who am I

I’m Batman. You can read more about me on my About Me page.

Keeping the flame alive

We’re actively recruiting sponsors. Sponsors are not the same as advertisers, as I talk a bit about on the About Me page. Short form: we’re doing things a bit different over here. If you’re interested in seeing and hearing more from us, your generous support is what makes that happen. More info is available on the Sponsors page.