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RMAF 2017

  • RMAF 2017: Classic Album Sundays

    October 23, 2017 // 0 Comments

    If you’ve ever heard of Chad Kassem, you know he’s a pillar of the vinyl resurgence, owner and founder of Acoustic Sounds and many other related ventures. If you’ve ever heard Chad Kassem speak, you know he’s a no holds barred and very direct man. A man of my own ilk. Classic Album Sundays hosted a room at Rocky Mountain Audiofest that might have been on a few folks list of best sounding rooms, if not for the sake that it’s primary use was to be a room of verbal expositions on the [...]
  • Mytek Digital had prime real estate near the tower elevators at this year’s RMAF. I wound up stopping by for a more lengthy time finally on Sunday when things were a little less crazy and owner Michal Jurewicz and Chabon had more time. There were a lot of new products to discuss and Stereophile’s Michael Lavorgna of Audiostream fame was gracious enough to let me sit in on a discussion with Michal talking about all the recent developments from new products to MQA work for Bob [...]
  • For a company that has kept the style of its gear virtually unchanged for decades, McIntosh maintains a steady of flow of innovative products. They resemble past units, of course, but all seek to offer something new. The latest intriguing project from the company, a tubed integrated amplifier, blends vintage and modern technologies. A preproduction model of the McIntosh MA252 was on silent display at the RMAF. The MA252 channels the look of McIntosh products of yesteryear, with exposed tubes [...]
  • Mark Sossa of distributor Well Pleased Audio Vida always is one of the most enthusiastic exhibitors I visit at shows. I’m not sure what his daily caffeine intake is, but even at the end of a long day midway through the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Sossa was still brimming with energy and eager to show his wares. Much of that ebullience likely is due to his desire to get the word out about some of the uncommon brands he brings with him. The components may not have names listeners will be [...]
  • From the day it was introduced in 2012, there was something special about Wilson Audio’s Alexia. It had a significantly different high-frequency presentation than the company had favored for decades. It was small enough to be nimble and have its drivers speak with one voice, but still big enough to convey heft and solidity. And, it had an intangible factor: It made you forget you were listening to speakers, and focus on listening to music. For me, it became the sweet spot in a product lineup [...]

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