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Munich High-End 2018

  • Munich High End 2018: VIMBERG & TIDAL

    May 11, 2018 // 4 Comments

    New at Munich is VIMBERG, springing from the minds, hands and creative work of Jörn Janczak of TIDAL. My understanding is that this line of loudspeakers will very much have “DNA” derived from the much more expensive TIDAL brand. Think Toyota vs Lexus, if Lexus was Rolls Royce (if that makes sense). The new line is very much intended to be a more affordable entry to Janczak’s work (where ‘affordable’ is admittedly highly relative, of course). The parts are of the [...]
  • Munich High End 2018: Brinkmann

    May 11, 2018 // 0 Comments

    BRINKMANN BLOOMS AT MUNICH 2018 Audio Legend Unveils FIVE New Products at Munich High End Munich, Germany—May 10, 2018: Munich High End 2018 will be the most important trade show in Brinkmann’s 33-year history. Once again, Brinkmann will display at Munich High-End 2018 in Atrium 4.1, E108 together with Vandersteen Audio and HRS; however, this year will mark the debut of five new Products: 1-33-1/3 Anniversary Balance: In continuous production since May, 1985, Balance is universally regarded [...]
  • Munich High End 2018: Marten

    May 11, 2018 // 0 Comments

    From In 2018 we celebrate Twenty years in the High-End audio business. While we take a moment to reflect, we are still working hard behind the scenes. Marten has an exciting year ahead with the launch of two new speakers – Mingus Twenty for our Twentieth anniversary and the new reference model, Coltrane Momento 2. Both speakers embody the current design philosophy of Marten; a combination of first-order crossover technology, Accuton CELL drivers and extremely low distortion. We [...]
  • Back in late November when I toured the Wilson Audio factory in Provo, Utah, Daryl Wilson told me he had a special prototype he wanted me to see. But there was one condition, I could not show this unfinished speaker until it made its official debut.  Well that day has arrived and Wilson has announced the TuneTot, a not so small (15.6 inches tall x 8.6 inches wide x 10.2 inches deep) $9,800 two-way monitor aimed at both consumer and professional alike. Even better, they sent me a pair in a [...]
  • Legendary NAD amplifiers now updated Feature variety of performance features from phono inputs on all models, to integration of BluOs and Chromecast on select models. Exciting news for vinyl lovers! NAD has updated their enduring classic C316BEE integrated amplifier with a moving magnet phono stage, along with a redesigned front fascia. I’ve long held firm that entry level NAD integrated amplifiers can be the perfect gateway drug for those flirting with the idea of getting into Hi-Fi. [...]
  • Munich High-End 2018: Merrill Audio

    May 10, 2018 // 0 Comments

    From Merrill Audio Merrill Audio Announces Element Flagship  Most Advanced Power Amplifiers For Immediate Release: 7th May 2018 Merrill Audio Advanced Technology Labs, LLC Bernardsville, New Jersey, USA. Connecting you to your Music so deeply they will touch your soul, that is the new line of the most advanced Power Amplifiers from MerrillAudio. This Crowning achievement took over 4 years of research, the use of the very latest technology, meticulous engineering and finest materials available. [...]
  • For those who’ve followed my path meandering through digital audio, and streaming in particular with Tidal Hi-Fi, the name totaldac might be a familiar one. I’ve been hooked on Vincent Brient’s designs for more than a year now, and have been sharing the joy of computer-based high-fidelity with friends, and family since Brient sent me his d1-integral DAC/server/headphone amp for a long-term review. I’ve published two parts so far, with the third instalment coming up in [...]
  • High End at Munich (May 11-13) is peeking over the horizon this week, so I’m continuing coverage – after a fashion – of what’s happening there this year, without my actually being there. I had a chance to speak with Damon Von Schweikert – of Von Schweikert Audio – while he was in Chicago a couple weeks ago for AXPONA. I asked him about the system configuration that the company was showing at High End for 2018, and he said that Munich would be the final stop of the ULTRA 11 [...]
  • MUNICH. Have you seen the 2005 Academy Award® historical thriller by Steven Spielberg? If you haven’t let me just say it’s intense. I bring it up because if you have been to the High End show in Munich you know all about how intense it can be. Oh, and you probably know about the beer gardens, and what an awesome venue it is, and the hundreds of amazing, over-the-top, curated high-fidelity sound systems, the enormous crowds of friendly people, and did I mention the beer gardens? [...]