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The Home Entertainment Show 2019

T.H.E. Show 2019

Audio Limits, Thrax, Hemingway, Weiss Engineering, Antipodes, CEC, Sound Application | T.H.E. SHOW 2019

by Eric Franklin Shook in THE Show 2019

LOS ANGELES (PTA) — Audio Limits of Laughlin, Nevada was showing a nearly all Thrax Audio system, barring a few components from Weiss Engineering, Antipodes, Soul To Sole Audio, and Hemingway Audio. The Story Most exciting at THE SHOW 2019, was the Thrax Audio Spartacus 300B Amplifier, which is their most recent amplifier, running a loudspeaker system that is based on the combining of two platforms, the Lira two-way stand-mount monitor and Basus Motional Feedback Bass System. New for [...]

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  • LKV Research THE SHOW 2019
    LOS ANGELES (PTA) — LKV Research announces a new power amplifier, Sonner Audio rides high on their superb bookshelf monitors, and Butcher Block Acoustics holds everything up in style. The Story LKV Research of North Conway, New Hampshire knows how to deliver great sound at a great value. So when I heard they were showing a new dual-mono stereo amplifier, I had to make my way by their exhibit room at THE SHOW 2019. Enter the LKV Research VEROS PWR stereo power amplifier, which can dish out [...]
  • Wavetouch THE SHOW 2019

    Wavetouch Audio | T.H.E. SHOW 2019

    July 16, 2019 // 2 Comments

    LOS ANGELES (PTA) — Wavetouch Audio was showing a small, and slightly underlit, stereo system that in many ways tugged at my heart strings. Also showing, electronic components from Bakoon Audio. The Story There is a special place in my heart for small monitor companies, even more so if they have a history of use in recording studios. The Wavetouch Audio Antero Speakers are a small two-way loudspeaker with a combination of rather unique waveguides and phase devices that help create a [...]
  • Marc’s Wrap Up | T.H.E. Show 2019

    July 14, 2019 // 0 Comments

    After T.H.E. Show 2019, I did something that I should have done at High-End 2019 in Munich–I stayed a couple of extra days after the show ended. A good friend of mine called me just the other day and asked me how Munich was, mentioning how exciting it was that I finally made it to Europe after all these years. The truth is, I should have lingered for a few more days, maybe a week. Six weeks later, Munich was a blur in my mind like I never really went. I’m ready to go back. I’m [...]
  • DCC Museum THE SHOW 2019
    LOS ANGELES (PTA) — What’s old is new again. Cassette tapes and their players are finding a whole new audience with younger Millennials and the financially rising Generation Z’ers who are resurrecting the once deceased format. At THE SHOW 2019 it was Ralf Porankiewicz of the DCC Museum who was giving me my second tour through Digital Compact Cassette. The Story It starts with Ralf Porankeiwicz, originally from the Netherlands, who came to the United States in 2009 with a passion for [...]
  • Bobs Devices THE SHOW 2019
    LOS ANGELES (PTA) — Bob’s Devices was showing off their universally acclaimed Sky Cinemag Step-Up-Transformer (SUT) on a VPI Industries Prime turntable, for which Bob’s Devices is also a dealer of VPI turntables. The Story The SUT in Bob’s Devices demonstration system is connected to the rear output of the gimbaled VPI Industries JWM “Fatboy” 3-D printed tonearm, that sits atop the VPI Prime turntable. The system is assembled at Bob’s booth is actually world-class in it’s [...]
  • Sanders THE SHOW 2019

    Sanders Sound System | T.H.E. SHOW 2019

    July 13, 2019 // 1 Comment

    LOS ANGELES (PTA) — Sanders Sound Systems of Conifer, Colorado made the trek out to the miserably fantastic sunny weather of southern California, with the hopes of bringing a little of their own sunshine to the affair with powerful one-brand ESL loudspeaker system. The Story I love a good ESL system, so paint me with a biased brush. However typically it is a challenge to assemble a good ESL system without proper guidance when it comes to curating the complete list of system components. [...]
  • Lyn Stanley and I first started chatting through email and social media right after I reviewed The Moonlight Sessions: Volume One on my blog back in August 2017. She’s the type of performer–and there are many of them–who reach out and thank reviewers when they have kind words for her. After that, Lyn always made sure I had copies of her new releases, in formats that ranged from redbook CD to SACD to LP to reel-to-reel tape. Over the last two years I’ve had plenty of nice [...]
  • LOS ANGELES (PTA) — Possibly a controversial product to introduce to the hi-fi market, but with an existing base of success in car audio, the new Music Staging Technology (MST) accent speakers from CDT Audio were not to be missed. The Story Music Staging Technology (MST) has developed three unique hybrid loudspeakers that are used (only one stereo pair) in your existing system to augment the soundstage and high frequency response. Think of what sub-woofers do for your system, but at the other [...]
  • LOS ANGELES (PTA) — Let’s be honest. We’ve all been in a VK Music room at shows, and they sounds great, but we often don’t see much coverage of the brands. Is it because of the large acrylic open-baffle horns just being too “out-there” for regular audiophiles? Is it be because of the fear of kit-built-designs? Might it even be a language barrier? The Story Every time I walk into the VK Music exhibit, I feel alone. I look around the room (or booth) at all the interesting [...]
  • LOS ANGELES (PTA) — In the past, I’ve always found Furutech audio show exhibits to be some of the most stunning to look at, but in my experience they’ve never included active demonstration systems. This time around was a different story with Elite AV Distribution at the helm, showing a multitude of Furutech components in both passive and active use, along with an active system of brands including Kuzma, HRT, Plinius, and Manley Labs. The Story In the active system, I had taken note of [...]