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RMAF 2016 Wrap: Mission Accomplished/Best of Show

Escaping on the last jet out of Denver after the close of Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2016, I felt a little like the nervous spy-support staff member Faisil in the 1994 movie “True Lies.” Reporting on his recent deployment activities to a grimacing, eye-patch-wearing Spencer Trilby (played with relish by Charlton Heston), Faisil is somewhat defensive about his performance. “It’s

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RMAF 2016: Fern & Roby, Voxative Ooze Craftsmanship

I first took closer notice of Fern & Roby earlier this year after seeing a segment on the company during one of my frequent “How It’s Made” marathons on the Discovery Channel. While the series usually spotlights manufacturers that make common consumer items such as clocks, hard-drives and automobile engines, this particular report focused on a Virginia-based furniture company that

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RMAF 2016: Sonore Brings Musicality to Ones and Zeros

Sonore is a young company dedicated to allowing listeners to enjoy high-resolution audio without relying on a lot of off-the-shelf computer hardware and other equipment. This keep-it-simple approach was on display at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, where Sonore was showing its compact MicroRendu Ethernet-to-USB source ($640) and Signature Power Supply ($1589). According to Sonore, there are a lot of

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