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New VPI Titan sets eyes on challenging top reference turntables

Retirement seems to suit VPI‘s Harry Weisfeld to a “T.” Actually, lets have some fun, and say it suits Harry to a “TT.”   It seems the scion of the venerable turntable manufacturer out of New Jersey has been busier than ever with more announcements about new designs, collaborations, and design/production partnerships being announced in late 2016, and early 2017

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MQA software decoding in Roon: Days away once MQA delivers data

Since Tidal announced MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) 24/48 streaming capabilities (and software decoding of the file up to 24/96) on January 5th at the opening of CES in Las Vegas, there has been a collective question mark hanging above the heads of Roon Labs software users around the globe. Their question being: When would Roon support the first unfolding step of the MQA “origami” software

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CES 2017: Day Four – Avantgarde Acoustic, MBL, Pro-Ject, and Canada’s Moon statement mono blocks

The lyrics from R. Kelly’s Fiesta were stuck in my head Sunday morning as I ran around CES because my friends lip-synched (with much body gyration, and soulful facial expressions) at maximum SPLs in front of me after several rounds of whiskey had been consumed Saturday night. “After the show it’s the after party, then, After the party it’s the

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