Articles by Rafe Arnott

Montreal Audio Fest: Day Two, the wall

March 26, 2017

I had started to hit it. The wall. The mental, and physical barrier you can find yourself pushing against (or in my case leaning against), at Saturday around 1 a.m. when you’re finally back at your hotel room desperately trying to make sense [...]

Montreal Audio Fest: Day One

March 25, 2017

It was like that scene out of Life of Brian. The one where Brian – our protagonist – opens the curtains in the morning, and is greeted by something wholly unexpected. So it was as I threw open the curtains in my room at the Hotel Bonaventure [...]

Montreal Audio Fest 2017: Arrival

March 24, 2017

Leaving the monochromatic rain of Canada’s Wet Coast, I boarded a flight at 9 a.m. Thursday from Vancouver, British Columbia eastward bound in search of colour. Two-thousand, three-hundred miles, and five hours later I was [...]

MQA to be released on Compact Disc

March 16, 2017

MQA continues to find new, and surprising ways to place itself into the mainstream music marketplace with it’s announcement today that the first CD to feature MQA mastering, and encoding technology is to be released on the Ottava label [...]