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New VPI Titan sets eyes on challenging top reference turntables

Retirement seems to suit VPI‘s Harry Weisfeld to a “T.” Actually, lets have some fun, and say it suits Harry to a “TT.”   It seems the scion of the venerable turntable manufacturer out of New Jersey has been busier than ever with more announcements about new designs, collaborations, and design/production partnerships being announced in late 2016, and early 2017

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MQA software decoding in Roon: Days away once MQA delivers data

Since Tidal announced MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) 24/48 streaming capabilities (and software decoding of the file up to 24/96) on January 5th at the opening of CES in Las Vegas, there has been a collective question mark hanging above the heads of Roon Labs software users around the globe. Their question being: When would Roon support the first unfolding step of the MQA “origami” software

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Quad to debut new integrated amp at CES

It looks like United Kingdom hi-fi stalwart, speaker, and amplifier designer/manufacturer legend Quad has been busy indeed.  Jonathan Derda of MoFi Distribution gave me a heads-up this morning that Quad will be making their North American debut of the VA-One EL-84-based integrated amplifier at CES in Las Vegas next week. What made this  valve amp catch my eye immediately was

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