Massdrop and Noble Audio

December 1, 2016

New product announcement Press release from Noble Audio and Massdrop. NOBLE AUDIO’S MOST AFFORDABLE IEM AVAILABLE, EXCLUSIVELY FOR A LIMITED PERIOD ON MASSDROP Just 2,000 proprietary-driver Noble X IEMs available on this first run at $249/c.£200 [...]

Review: Cardas A8 Inner Ear Monitors

May 1, 2016

My Blue Heaven Right now I’m typing this on a Delta flight to Madison, Wisconsin in early February. Yep, Wisconsin in early February! Yet there’s a big smile on my face, at least while I am sitting here, listening to Frank Sinatra’s Swingin [...]

Mini-Review: RHA T20 in-ear headphones

March 18, 2016

Reid Heath Acoustics, better known as RHA Audio, makes in-ear headphones … but then, you probably know that. These in-ear headphones, specifically the T10 ($189, $199 for the ones with the inline microphone and volume controls), earned all [...]