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CH Precision’s powerful fist wears a velvet glove for YG Acoustics

When DVL Audio distribution from Toronto asked if I was interested in hearing the Swiss-designed, and made CH Precision electronics driving American reference loudspeakers from YG Acoustics, I answered absolutely. They arranged for a sweet demo session to take place in Vancouver at a local dealership, so I grabbed my camera, and headed out. The setting was a familiar one

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Review: KEF R300 Stand-Mount Loudspeakers

KEF. The Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Audiophile. Its 55-year mission: to explore strange new worlds of sound, to bring forth new creations and new possibilities, to boldly go where no ears have gone before. I suppose I really ought to spend some time talking about KEF, the company’s storied history. How it’s designers have changed the way we

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Review: JansZen Valentina Active

by John Grandberg I’m a headphone guy at heart. I believe all my readers pretty much know that by now. As such, I spend far more time listening to headphones than speakers. Ok, maybe that’s not completely accurate if we count every bit of time spent hearing sound coming out of a speaker. Between TV watching, movies, background music, cartoons

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