AXPONA 2015: An Outsider Looks In

May 28, 2015

by Josh Emmons My tastes in music are discouragingly popular. I crave ABA structures, uplifting hooks, and transportive bridges. I am inspired by key changes. My first cassette tape was Different Light. My first CD? Cosmic Thing. All of which is to [...]

AXPONA 2015: Audio Note UK

May 24, 2015

I’ve started to worry that I’m becoming one of those guys who plays favorites with a brand. It’s not about the ad money, because Audio Note sure as heck doesn’t advertise. It’s not about the comfortable rooms, because [...]

AXPONA 2015: ModWright, Daedalus, WyWires

May 22, 2015

ModWright, Daedalus, and WyWires have become something close to the Three Stooges over the last few years. They keep hanging out with each other, they keep showing minor variations on a theme, and they keep being surprisingly successful at it. Most [...]