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CAF 2011: McIntosh

I’m not sure what to say about this room. I’ve heard the McIntosh speakers in several places, including the Gramophone in Columbia, MD, and I have to confess that I’ve never been partial to the sound. That said, I’ve never heard them better than they sounded here at the CAF 2011. I have a suspicion that what threw it over

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CAF 2011: Sonist & Mapleshade

I am a fan of Sonist loudspeakers. They’re efficient, (relatively) affordable, well-made, and most importantly, sound great. At CAF 2011, the Sonist speakers were teamed up with Mapleshade. The room dimensions were … ah … challenging, so some creativity was called for. What the Mapleshade folks settled on was an extreme nearfield approach to eliminate room acoustics from the sound

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CAF 2011: Transmission Audio, Klimo, Korg, Berkeley, MA Recordings

The Signal Collection’s Chris Sommovigo brought along a striking pair of Transmission Audio M3 loudspeakers. These speakers are the bigger brother of the startling M1i monitors I was so struck with when I first heard them at Command Performance A/V. Like their shorter siblings, the 2.5-way M3 ($6499/pair) have the same spectacular quad-ribbon. Can you say “imaging”? Yeah. Me too

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