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New York 2014: The Monkeyhaus, the 21st Century Audiophile, and the End of Line

The Monkeyhaus is something of an urban legend. It’s usually discussed in hushed tones. Photographs are always blurred. No one ever seems to go and be willing to talk about the experience. Until now. Bwaahahahahahahahaaaa! I’m kidding. Sort of. DeVore Fidelity is located in Brooklyn, over in the Old Navy Shipyard. Monkey House Adept Michael Lavorgna drove me over, navigating

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New York 2014: Legacy, svelte and on your wall

Bill and Victoria Duddleston of Legacy Audio were demoing a new pair of their on-wall loudspeakers, the Silhouette ($3,960/pair). The new Silhouettes are similar in most respects to the old models, adding some size and some more elegant chamfering on the edges. Don’t worry — these on-walls are not your typical panty-waisted wallflowers — the now-standard AMT tweeter gets a

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New York 2014: Taking my ease with Gingko and LampizatOr

I remember when the only thing I knew about Gingko Audio had to do with squishy balls. Sure, they still make the Cloud Isolators, but these days I’ve been entranced by their ClaraVu MK III ($8,995/pair) loudspeakers. This loudspeaker is a “four-way, 4-module, stacked cabinet speaker system consisting of 3-way monitors (ribbon super tweeters, soft dome tweeters, and isobaric double

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New York 2014: Tweak Studio brings the toys

It’s pretty much impossible to not love Arnold Martinez of Tweak Studio of Chicago. Look up the word “irrepressible”, and Arnold will be the guy looking over your shoulder laughing with you. He’s always laughing. You get the feeling that he likes what he’s doing, and there’s nothing like a party audio show to bring out the grins. Arnold, very

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