Mohammed_ProfileAbout Mohammed Samji

Mohammed remembers cleaning his first LP at age 9, as he dubbed his father’s record collection to audio cassettes, and some of the L.A.S.T cleaning products he used 30 years ago are still the ones he uses today.

Mohammed searches the globe for foodie finds and used record stores. Although a vinyl collector and lover, he believes that the future is digital and is always seeking out formats and hardware to produce digital playback that can engage.

He is also a fan of trying anything in the audio industry, and you will find all kinds of weird tweaks in his listening room. “It doesn’t matter if you can’t explain it, as long as you can hear it.”

He enjoys sharing his music passion with his wife and 2 children. Each of whom has their own music collection.
When not listening to music, Mohammed works as a general manager at a very large software company working on user experience design.

About the system

The core objective of my audio system is to provide a musical experience that transports not just me, but my family and friends back to that salient moment when the music was recorded. The system must recreate music, but at the same time be easy to use and reliable. Finally, it needs to be functional and perform in our living room where it’s a shared space. Our living room is imperfect and was not designed to be a dedicated man cave. The speakers and analog sources are in the living room, but all other gear is stored in a server rack in an adjacent room. The server rack adds the requirement that everything must be controlled reliably (RS232 preferred) and be of reasonable size (less than 19-inches wide) as well as run cool in a confined cabinet.

Success is returning home to find your family listening and dancing to whatever music they fancy.






Power Conditioning

Record Cleaning

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