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Schola Cantorum, Trachea | The Vinyl Anachronist

by Marc Phillips in The Vinyl Anachronist

Trachea, from the Norwegian choral group Schola Cantorum, seems like the latest “voices-in-a-church” release from 2L Recordings, something very much in line without other recent titles such as Venelita and Himmelborgen. A few minutes in, you’ll start to notice some fundamental differences. First of all, you’ll notice unusual accompaniment to these otherwise ethereal voices, something that leans heavily into the secular. Trachea, which obviously refers to the windpipe as [...]

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The Vinyl Anachronist

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  • Mention the name Pat Battstone to me and I’ll brace for something wild and unexpected, a free-spirited exploration in pure sound and what it means to fixate on a single note and think about it. This isn’t free jazz but experimental jazz, [...]
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    I’ve been talking about the Great Tango Revival of 2019, and the Pablo Lanouguere Quintet and their new album Eclectico is certainly part of that. But here’s the thing. The Tango Revival seems to be marked by constant innovation, a need [...]
  • The Challenge LP from Lyn Stanley is, as far as I can tell, the concluding chapter to this Julie London project–although I have noticed that Lyn’s been shooting a video with performances of these songs. Maybe she’ll do a few more, [...]
  • In terms of choral performances, the Oslo Kammerkor (Chamber Choir) and their performance of Orjan Matre‘s Veneliti is very different than the last 2L Recording I reviewed, Himmelborgen. In that recording, the Uranienborg Vokalemsemble chose [...]
  • Gretje Angell’s new album, In Any Key, makes it two days in a row of fabulous woman singers–including, of course, Lauren Henderson’s warm and beautiful Alma Oscura. Both women have that seductive quality in their delivery, [...]
  • Lauren Henderson‘s new album, Alma Oscura, is destined to become one of those sexy, romantic things you play when you’re, well…let’s just say “in the mood for love.” It’s smooth and it’s sultry (a word [...]
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  • Listening to the Dover Quartet and their new album, The Curtis Session, I’m reminded of a time in my life when I listened to a lot of string quartets. I was young, single and living alone in Encino in a one-bedroom apartment with relatively [...]
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    Dred Scott Rides Alone (Amazon) is one of those dry, distinctly Midwestern jazz albums that make great traveling music when you’re driving through a particularly barren landscape. It adds color to the journey in an almost symbiotic [...]
  • 2L Recordings‘ Himmelborgen consists of three very familiar elements–pipe organ, choir and church. Yes, hymns are being sung. This beautiful recording should remind you of being in church on an early Sunday morning, provided you belong [...]
  •   It says a lot about legendary jazz pianist Fred Hersch and his unique style that he can play with a large ensemble such as the WDR Big Band and leave you thinking primarily at those thoughtful phrases and unique cadences on the keyboard. WDR, [...]
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  • Carlos Barbosa-Lima’s Delicado continues Zoho Music‘s pursuit of the finest South American music in contemporary jazz. Late last year I made a prediction that both Argentine tango and Brazilian jazz would have a strong presence in 2019, [...]
  • Seeing guitarist Larry Corban with his burgundy Gibson L-5 archtop reminds me of the first time I heard a hollow-body guitar, back when I was a teenager. A good friend of mine was an avid guitarist, and for years he played on a Gibson SG–also [...]
  • I’ve been a fan of The Smoking Flowers since I reviewed their album 2 Guns back in 2013. They have a story like no other–Scott and Kim Collins are a married couple who also happen to excel at creating both stunning harmonies and a [...]
  • When I received my LP copy of Lyn Stanley‘s London With a Twist: Live at Bernie’s, I got the Super Primo Ultra Edition. Many of you will only splurge on the numbered Limited Edition LP, a two-LP direct-to-disc 45 rpm set that was not [...]
  • I was first introduced to Benji Kaplan when I reviewed his album Chorando Sete Cores about 18 months ago. Kaplan, a guitarist, has a distinctive tilt to his arrangements that recalls the whimsical and upbeat orchestrations made famous by Van Dyke [...]
  • Norwegian composer Stale Kleiberg is considered a “modern romantic,” which means that his music has that lushness and sweep to it while still preserving contemporary, streamlined touches. 2L Recordings has been releasing Kleiberg’s [...]


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    If you’re a music lover who is older than 35 or 40, you’ve probably joined the Columbia House Record Club at some point in your life. I joined for the first time back in [...]
  • by Paul Ashby It’s okay to feel nostalgia for the period that produced the Beatles’ White Album. (isn’t it?) Or maybe I’m searching for a word other [...]
  • Eniid and the Timeless Music of Joni Mitchell

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    by Angel Haggar I first met singer-songwriter Eniid Goodman four years ago at the “Writing a Song That Matters with Dar Williams” songwriter’s retreat in Garrison, NY. [...]

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