CES 2017: Products and Places, a Tour

January 30, 2017

by Brian Hunter While studying photography post grad, I came across a photographer who had been at it since nearly the inception of the medium. To her, black and white was the color of photography. I don’t disagree. Without the wow of 4-color [...]

CES 2017: C’Est Magnifique

December 31, 2016

I was going to go. Then, I wasn’t going to go. Now, it’s official: I’m going to CES in Las Vegas. I’ve never been, so please Vegas, be gentle on me. I will be there with Brian Hunter of Audiohead renown from January 5th to [...]

RMAF 2016: Chord Electronics

November 23, 2016

Chord is an interesting audio company that is based in the U.K.  I say interesting because it seems to be a distinctly British company that has resolutely followed its own path with a particular design aesthetic and very loyal fans.  To be frank, [...]

Review: Cardas A8 Inner Ear Monitors

May 1, 2016

My Blue Heaven Right now I’m typing this on a Delta flight to Madison, Wisconsin in early February. Yep, Wisconsin in early February! Yet there’s a big smile on my face, at least while I am sitting here, listening to Frank Sinatra’s Swingin [...]

CanJam SoCal 2016: Best In Show

April 4, 2016

CanJam SoCal was a fantastic show. I’ll be honest — I wasn’t expecting much. CanJam, for me and many others, has always been an entirely embedded affair, tucked away in a hidden corner at a much larger audio show. But here at the [...]