High End 2015: Astell&Kern

June 8, 2015

I blame Astell&Kern for my “portable audio” problem. I had, wrongly, assumed that the iPhone was as good as it gets and that anything above and beyond that was pretty much just daydreaming. I mean, who would actually bother to make a [...]

Coming soon: HiFi-Skÿn

February 18, 2015

IndieGoGo is all the rage, apparently, and perhaps for very good reason — it allows many smaller, boutique would-be vendors to get a real handle on their potential markets prior to actually building (and spending) anything. That’s a [...]

Review: Pono Music Player

November 19, 2014

Enter Pono Well, it happened. I got my Pono player. For those of you not keeping track, Pono is a music service, a portable digital audio player, a lifestyle experience, and more, that’s supposed to revolutionize the entire industry. No, the [...]

Enter Pono

March 8, 2014

Chris Connaker at ComputerAudiophile has the scoop on the Pono Player coming soon from Neil Young et al. For those of you that missed the teaser blitz last year, Pono is not a digital Toblerone, it’s a portable high-resolution audio player. [...]

Amazeballs: Astell & Kern’s AK 240

March 2, 2014

An Review by Warren Chi & Michael Liang Avid personal audio enthusiasts know that hearing a wide variety of gear can breed apathy, making us jaded, blasé and hard-to-please. As such, it is indeed a rare occasion when a new piece of [...]