AXPONA 2016: Emerald Physics and Exogal

April 20, 2016

Walter Liederman of Emerald Physics and Underwood HiFi (who were proudly sponsoring the PTA crew here at AXPONA) was on hand to expound the joys and glories of DSP-based audio reproduction and a new wonder-DAC company that he’s importing [...]

Follow Up: Exogal Comet DAC

February 14, 2016

2/8/2016 This is an update and follow-up to John Richardson’s review of the Exogal Comet DAC. Let me just say that I love this DAC. What struck me, in direct comparison to AURALiC Vega DAC for example, was how relaxed everything sounded. The [...]

Best of 2015 and Product of the Year

December 30, 2015

2015 is over, much to my shock and chagrin. Honestly, I’m not quite sure how it happened. No. Seriously. I kinda feel like I’m Rick Grimes; I just woke up, everyone is gone, and WTF is the deal with all the freakin’ zombies?!? Oh. [...]

Review: Exogal Comet DAC

December 6, 2015

by John Richardson It’s been awhile since I’ve reviewed a high-end digital to analog converter, or DAC. Back when I was frequently contributing at, I was sort of their go-to DAC guy. It was interesting work, as the USB-based DAC [...]

What’s Next/Coming Soon

November 18, 2015

Here we are, mid-November. It’s a glorious time to be alive. I say that with full acknowledgement of the “challenges”, which is a nice euphemism for “a can of worms I’m happy to open, but don’t really think this [...]