High End 2015

High End 2015: Feickert Turntables

I’ve been a fan of the full-featured/full-function line of turntables from Dr Feickert for years; the clean design is mesmerizing, the integrated speed-controls are intuitive, and the motor’s native “noise dissipation” digital processing translates into […]

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Las Vegas 2013

Las Vegas 2013: Sound Lab

So, there are a bunch of loudspeakers out there that really do that “life style” thing well. Anthony Gallo Acoustics, for example, makes some sweet little globes called A’Diva — and not only do they […]

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CES 2013

CES 2013: Talon

Talon Loudspeakers is one of those brands that occasionally crops up in Internet forums, you know, whenever someone starts a flame war over “the best loudspeakers ever”. I’ve never had a chance to demo anything […]

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A day at Axpona 2011: Avatar Acoustics

The Avatar Acoustics room was my favorite room at Axpona this year and tied for “Best Sound”. The system produced a lovely, warm, enveloping sound stage that I thoroughly enjoyed rolling around in. Or maybe […]

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Dr Feickert Platterspeed

Saw this on Stereophile’s SSI blog today: Dr Feickert’s PlatterSpeed iPhone/iPad app. With Dr Feickert’s Adjust+ 7″ TestRecord (apparently now available), you can now measure your platter speed. The blog notes that you’re also able […]