first watt

Review: Zu Audio Druid Mk V Speakers

December 25, 2016

by John Richardson Zu Audio, a small company based in Ogden, Utah, represents to me the absolute modern American success story. I love everything about it: the quest for audio perfection, the pursuit of a dream of doing something differently, and [...]

RMAF12: Welcome (back) to the Zu

October 20, 2012

I tend to think of a Zu Audio demo room as “The Land of Music That I Don’t Recognize”. I want to believe that it’s because I’m old, but unfortunately for that theory, Zu’s Sean Casey and I are the same age. So [...]

Mini Review: First Watt J2 Amplifier

October 8, 2012

I reached out to Nelson Pass of First Watt this summer and asked the “what’s what with First Watt”. By way of response, Nelson agreed to send me a pair of amps — starting with the J2, a 25wpc (into 8ohms) solid state amp that [...]