Ampsandsound Bryce Monoblocks | REVIEW

Ampsandsound Bryce, Introduction(s) Ampsandsound Bryce is the name, 13″ wide, 7″ tall, KT88 equipped. Licensed to thrill. (website) Some of you may recall my previous review of the Ampsandsound Zion Monoblocks, which remain the best […]


Julian Margules at AXPONA | AXPONA 2022

Margules has a history going back to 1927. In Mexico, the Margules family has been instrumental in developing and expanding radio throughout the country. I had a chance to speak with the fourth- generation engineer […]


New Brands at AXPONA | AXPONA 2022

I decided to focus on the new brands exhibiting at AXPONA 2022, or at least some of the companies that had returned with completely new or redesigned product line-ups. Of those, three loudspeaker manufacturers caught […]


Refined Audio, Pass Labs | AXPONA 2022

When I entered the Refined Audio room at AXPONA 2022, I was greeted by Cube Audio’s Nenuphar BASiS, a distinctive looking black speaker with a yellow driver ($26,900/pair). The sound of this intriguing system had […]


Quintessence Audio | AXPONA 2022

At the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center, the Connection, Knowledge, Perfection, and Imagination rooms are all clustered under the escalator leading up to the main lobby. Quintessence Audio, a high-end audio dealer in the […]


AXPONA 2022 Preview | AXPONA 2022

For some of the Part-Time Audiophile staff, including yours truly, AXPONA 2022 in Chicago will be the first high-end audio show we’ve attended for over two years. We’ve had a couple of shows recently, including […]