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RMAF 2013

RMAF 2013: Audeze

Audeze was nestled deep into CanJam show floor, showing off their two new headphones, the LCD-XC closed-back headphones ($1,799) and their open-back brethren, the LCD-X ($1,699). I’m on record as being a fan of Audeze and have […]

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On the Bench: Heed Audio Canalot

Headphones, anyone? To hear certain pundits talk, headphonia is going to be the salvation to the declining audiophile market. In fact, it’s the new gateway drug. Personally, I’m not convinced. I think there’ll always be […]

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Newport Beach 2012

Newport 2012: Schiit

There’s really only one thing to do when you name a company “Schiit”. Embrace it. Have fun with it. Because, like they say, “you’re not going to believe this Schiit”. I first heard about Schiit […]