AXPONA 2017: KEF and the art of the demo

May 25, 2017

Johan Coorg and Dipin Sehdev are fixtures on the high-end audio show circuit, and for damn good reason — they put on one of the best demos going. With a wild disdain for decorum and outright mockery audiophile norms, the pair are just as [...]

CES 2017: Products and Places, a Tour

January 30, 2017

by Brian Hunter While studying photography post grad, I came across a photographer who had been at it since nearly the inception of the medium. To her, black and white was the color of photography. I don’t disagree. Without the wow of 4-color [...]

CES 2017: Wirelessness

January 29, 2017

by Brian Hunter of Audio-Head Even though 2-channel rooms at CES appeared slightly diluted to a few floors in the Venetian, the giant machine that is audio in general roared on in typical fashion across the giant electronics show that takes place [...]

New Toys: KEF LS50 Wireless

October 14, 2016

As you’ve probably noticed, we don’t really do new product announcements terribly often, and to be frank, I think rewriting press releases to be rather silly. That said, I thought this was particularly news-worthy, so here you go: KEF is [...]