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Layaway plans for your Soul

November 18, 2014

The Geek Soul has been live on Indiegogo for a couple of weeks now, as part of the Forever Funding campaign around the Geek Pulse headphone amp/DAC combo from LH Labs. Yes, it’s still up there, but a couple of things have changed and I wanted [...]

LH Labs to introduce Geek Soul

November 5, 2014

Forever and Geek Pulse Did you hear? LH Labs is back with something new. Yes, yes, there’s that Geek Pulse campaign that’s back on Indiegogo, as part of the new Forever Funding campaign. No, this isn’t a never-ending plan to [...]

My Audio To-Do List: Digital and More

April 19, 2014

Been awhile since I’ve checked in, so thought I’d take a sec, maybe have a deep breath and open the kimono a bit … … Perv. The System As It Stands I guess you could say that last year was about the Last Six Feet. That is, the [...]

Super Duper Geek Out Arrives!

March 16, 2014

Guess what showed this week? My Kickstarter Green headphone awesomifier! I ordered the 1 watt output version, so that makes this a Super-Duper Geek Out. I’m super-duper psyched. Oh, if you missed your opportunity during the crowd-sourcing [...]