Review: Opera Callas Loudspeakers

January 24, 2014

by Brian Hunter At first look, the Callas bookshelf-style speakers ($5,000/pair) by Italian-based Opera Loudspeakers should grab your attention. Grill on or off, black leather can be seen covering the front faceplate and a fine execution of wood and [...]

The Best of 2012

December 31, 2012

Another perfectly good year, down the tubes. 2012 saw 300+ new updates, articles, reviews and show reports posted to Part-Time Audiophile. Not to toot my horn or anything, but that’s a lot of words. My fingers are still killing me — and [...]

Poll: Reference Loudspeakers?

October 9, 2012

What the hell. Why not throw open the windows and shout out to the ebb and flow: “What say you?” I’m looking (and just looking at this point, don’t get too excited) for a reference-class loudspeaker. Must be less than $40k [...]