High End 2015: PS Audio, Magnepan, Roon

May 17, 2015

While not exactly new, PS Audio was showing off their pride-and-joy, the new Bascom King collaboration, the BHK Signature 250 Stereo amplifier ($7,499 US). The amp is a tube input (6922)/mosfet output “hybrid” design, good for 250 watts [...]

CES 2015: A long overdue wrap up

March 13, 2015

Before, after and during. That’s when I heave out the long sigh. An audio show — any audio show — wrings that out of me. But this year, CES was … different. Whinging For me, a show is equal parts work and play. I get out of [...]

CAF 2013: LKV Research

August 3, 2013

Bill Hutchins of LKV Research was showing off his new baby, the Phono 2-SB ($2,500). This Swiss Army knife phonostage has pretty much everything you could want, including both balanced (40/50/59dB) and unbalanced inputs (34/44/53dB). Not enough [...]