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Newport Beach 2014

Newport 2014: Scot’s Grab Bag of High-End Stereo, stuffed full of Audioengine, Bob’s Devices, Focal, Raidho, MBL, Perfect8, Planter, Roksan and Vivid

Audioengine Brett and Brady and Morgan were all on hand, showing off the upcoming Audioengine B1, a Bluetooth DAC that supports the latest AptX codecs for what seemed — to my ears at least — to […]

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CES 2013

CES 2013: MBL

Saying that MBL makes audio equipment almost misses the point. Even in the rarefied air of audio’s high-end, MBL is something different again. Said another way, there are good speakers, there are great speakers, there […]

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NYAV12: mbl

You have to say this for mbl — they’re consistent. Here again is the $260,000 Combination D System I saw at AXPONA, again in that scrumptious white finish. Yum. I didn’t actually get to hear […]