TAVES 2016: Audio by Mark Jones

November 28, 2016

By Richard H. Mak Mark Jones has been in the audio business for over 30 years, and a few years ago he went independent, starting his personal brick and mortar shop, Audio by Mark Jones.  To those who know him, Mark is one of those dealers whom [...]

TAVES 2016: Nordost demos with Tannoy

November 26, 2016

By Richard H. Mak Situated next door to Mark Jone’s room the Nordost team leaded by Michael Talyor, VP of North American Sales,  was busy doing A/B comparisons between different cables.   The demo comparison generally followed this format: [...]

RMAF 2016: Nordost Lets Your Ears Decide

October 19, 2016

Even among committed audiophiles, the subject of whether cable makes much difference in sound quality can stir up more verbal sparring than a presidential debate. Cables manufacturer Nordost has its own solution to the controversy, and, thankfully, [...]