TotalDAC d1-tube-mk2 | REVIEW

Like me, you probably recognize TotalDAC d1-tube-mk2 and the TotalDAC brand (website) in general, but you may know very little about them. This French company has a stellar reputation for making high-end converters, but I’ve […]

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CAF 2013

CAF 2013: Deja Vu

Much like the metal that coats Wolverine’s skeleton, the bits on display in the Deja Vu Audio room are all made from unobtainium. It’s not clear where they get these ancient transformers and whatnots, but […]

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System Two

I am on the hunt for some new speakers. No, I’m not ditching the Magnepans … at least not yet (wink, wink). No, seriously, I’m not talking about that system at all. I’m talking about […]