AXPONA 2016: End of Line and Best In Show

May 30, 2016

My first AXPONA was five years ago in Atlanta. It was about as far from 2016 as you can get. Then, there was something like 20 rooms. Five years later, and the difference is almost unbelievable. Chicago was over 5 times that big. It was yuuuuge. [...]

CAS 2014: Pre-Show, California Dreamin’

August 15, 2014

The California Audio Show kicks off Friday in San Francisco with sunshine, live music, a literal mountain of vinyl and some much-anticipated world premiers for the gearheads. I use the latter term in the most positive way, of course. In this hobby, [...]

AXPONA 2014: Spatial has got your skinny

May 1, 2014

Clayton Shaw’s newest project, Spatial Audio, is about to start shipping their newest loudspeakers, the Hologram M2. Prices start at $1,995/pair for the standard model; $2,495 will land you the “Turbo” version that sports an [...]

RMAF 2011: Zu, Spatial, Kronzilla

October 25, 2011

Zu Definition. This speaker is almost iconic and a huge upgrade from their world-class Druid debut. And with all those subwoofers hanging off the back, I (for one) was utterly and immediately enthralled by notion of the sheer output that the massive [...]