High End 2016: Zellaton..Wow!

July 2, 2016

Zelaton was allegedly working on a big, reference speaker for some time now and this year they finally presented it. The “Statement” is a three way, five driver, six feet tall, open back floor stander in D’Appolito configuration based on [...]

High End 2015: Wrapping the Un-Wrappable

June 28, 2015

An entire month passed since we got back from Munich and our combined efforts produced more than 50 extended show reports, many of which are closer to mini-reviews than a mere system and price tags list with a few pictures. Munich offers so much [...]

High End 2015: Zellaton

June 24, 2015

There is something about historic brands, they have a special charm which I find irresistible. We have witnessed the re-birth of famous 19th century maisons in watchmaking and something similar happened with a few legends of the audio industry that [...]

CES 2015: A long overdue wrap up

March 13, 2015

Before, after and during. That’s when I heave out the long sigh. An audio show — any audio show — wrings that out of me. But this year, CES was … different. Whinging For me, a show is equal parts work and play. I get out of [...]

CES 2013: CH Precision and Zellaton

January 26, 2013

Gideon Schwartz of Audio Arts in New York has a way of capturing my imagination — and attention — at audio shows of late. His new store features a host of very interesting brands, including the Zellaton line of loudspeakers, and here at [...]