Look what the cat dragged in: Plinius Koru

I went to pick up Scot Markwell’s (of Elite A/V) show-room demo Plinius Koru phono preamp from Command Performance A/V today. This is that phono stage that I had a devil of a time finding anything out about. I ended up letting Scot talk me into it, and now, it’s sitting in my rack.

First spin: Louis Armstrong’s Satchmo Plays King Oliver. I have one word: YES!

The sound is linear, extended, and oh-so-natural. The Koru is soooo quiet. I have no sense of my stereo at all — everything just hangs free in space, and its a big space. More listening to come (without doubt). But for that all-important first impression? Yeah, I’m a happy camper.

Thanks, Scot!